The Somali Kitchen

“The Somali Kitchen” is a blog managed by Australian, Aberrazaq Noor, that combines his love of cooking and his East African heritage.

A writer by day, Aberrazaq has used his skills to create a website which shares traditional Somali recipes. Through his blog, Aberrazaq gives readers a glimpse into the colourful world of East African food.  He credits his family and neighbours for all of his culinary inspiration. 

As a rare Somali vegetarian, Aberrazaq has worked hard to provide a variety of dishes which sure to tempt the taste buds of anyone who views his site, whether they have links to East Africa or not. His step by step instructions and easy to follow recipes make his interpretations of traditional Somali dishes achievable for even the most inexperienced of cooks.

Recent recipes include “Flatbread with eggs and preserved beef”, “Tofu, sweet potato, red kidney bean and spinach salad”, “Lamb shoulder soup”, and “Yamina’s Yummy Apple Cake”. Aberrazaq uses  ingredients from Europe, India, and the Arab world which make these recipes accessible to interested cooks around the world. 

Check out his amazing recipes here!

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