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Our clients

Where do your fruit and vegetables come from? The Nuru avocado, chilli or pomegranate in your hands comes straight to you from one of the small farmers in our network.

Just as we nurture our producers – we like to get to know the people who buy our produce too. That’s how we make sure we’re giving you exactly what you want.

Food producers, restaurants and retailers have discovered Nuru already, loving our produce for its freshness and taste – no one can resist the pleasure of eating food grown in a small field under a hot African sun.

If you’d like to buy the best African fresh produce there is, come and talk to us.



The African Chef

Here’s a man who knows good food when he eats it. The African Chef – aka Malcolm Riley – grew up in Zambia, learnt to cook with his mum, and brought his love of African flavours to England as a young man.

Today The African Chef wins prizes for his awesome jams and condiments, and whose chillis does he use? Ours, of course.

He loves their flavour and freshness, naturally, but just as important is knowing where they came from. The African Chef, like us, believes that by trading fairly, working with small independent businesses, farmers and co-operatives in Africa, we can transform people’s lives.