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Nuru Agriculture: growing a sustainable future in Africa

Avocados, plantains, bananas, peppers, chillis, papayas, ginger … when it comes to growing fruit and vegetables Africa is the garden of the world.

We source our products from small farming communities in sub-Saharan Africa. They grow high quality, ethically sourced, sustainably grown and climate compliant fruit and vegetables to order.

Our producers’ fruit and vegetables are second to none, and with a link through Nuru to wider markets they are building strong businesses that will enable them to take part in their continent’s growth.

We are a social enterprise: we are efficient and profitable and sell high quality products. The difference is that we believe that our producers deserve an equitable share of those profits.


This is how Nuru Agriculture works

In most sub-Saharan African countries, 70 per cent or more of the population is engaged in agriculture. Although there is a well-established trade in agricultural produce, it is dominated by large producers. Most small-scale producers find it hard to reach markets beyond their immediate location, so they struggle to increase their income.

Nuru Agriculture brings fruit and vegetables from the small farms of Africa to domestic, regional and international markets. We add value to our products by high quality production and harvesting techniques, packaging, storage, distribution, branding and marketing.

We have integrated small farming communities into our value chain as suppliers, producers, distributors and employees. We help them to understand the demands of regional and international markets, and to acquire the skills and resources to meet them. We cut out the middle men who currently drain profit away from producers. By doing this we generate greater returns for producers, and economic opportunities for local small and micro agri-enterprises.

Our goal is for small-scale farmers to build their capacity to trade and so to generate life-sustaining incomes and livelihoods.