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Growing Africa's future...

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we work direct...

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with small African farmers...

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to help them grow...

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strong businesses...

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with long-term futures.

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Fresh from the African sun


Nuru Agriculture sells high quality, fresh African seasonal fruit and vegetables.

We work directly with small farming communities in Africa so we can guarantee that our fruit and vegetables are ethically and sustainably produced to international standards of excellence.

We are a social enterprise: we run a profitable and efficient business that feeds its profits back to the African rural communities we work with. Our aim is for them to develop strong businesses with long-term futures.

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Meet some of our producers: Thomas and Maureen


Thomas, avocado grower, Kenya

Thomas farms a plot of land north of Nairobi that he inherited from his parents in 2007. The land was derelict when he took it over, so he cleared it himself and began planting avocado trees that same year. He now has 100 avocado trees and is managing and maintaining them as they grow to maturity.

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Maureen, hot pepper grower, Uganda

Maureen, her husband and six children grow hot peppers on their three acre farm in Ishaka Mbarara district. Their farm is hilly, so the family mulches to keep the soil moist and prevent soil erosion.

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